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The Problem with Science

We spend so much time talking about theories and science; yet, so few of us know little of what is actually happening. We have lost our ability to explain the world or maybe we never had that ability at all. Or maybe it has always been so few that it just seems that way. Science should start with observation.

Becoming Recentered

I’ve found that spending time with certain people revitalizes my general belief that humans are on earth to be social creatures and to make humanity progress – together. Often, I let my belief slip because I effortlessly reach the conclusion that most people simply aren’t worth it. It should be everyone’s personal goal to focus their energy and to pour their entire being into those special people.

It feels nice to become recentered.

Things I Value in a Story

  1. Deep character development
  2. Very few characters with only the amount of characters necessary to maintain the storyline
  3. Extensive 1st person narrative

My eWaste Book

Georg C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799) was a German scientist most famous for his posthumously published notebooks in which he recorded his thoughts, observations, reminders, and the occasional aphorism. He referred to these notebooks as “waste books” after the books that businesses used to record transactions until they were formally recorded in account books. I have decided to keep an “electronic waste book” (e-waste book) for concepts and thoughts that I have not fully developed and for asides that are not standalone posts.