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My Research Interests

My research experiences in graduate school and as a faculty member have given me exposure to many interconnected fields. Like any budding academic, my interests have evolved over the last several years to something that I can present in a concise list. In my opinion, I have done a better job as of recent in delineating research interests in which I am actively involved and those that I find intellectually stimulating. In times past I would list areas of interest that were not necessarily a “research” focus, such as “the economic and social impacts of managed health care” or “medical decision making and clinical decision support systems.” Important topics? Yes, indeed. But it simply was not a place where I was spending my time and it was far too broad to really communicate my day-to-day activities. I have written about my struggle to communicate my research and intellectual interests to those outside of my discipline in My Research Interests – Explained (Part 1 of n). The following bullets capture a summary of my research interests:

  • Risk-adjusted capitated payment methodologies
  • Pharmacoepidemiology, drug utilization review, and medication use patterns
  • Health care quality measure development and evaluation
  • Health services research and health policy assessment
  • Health care reimbursement systems and health insurance benefit design


Doctoral Dissertation

Development and Comparative Predictive Validity of an Outpatient Medication Exposure Measure
for Risk Adjustment Using Retrospective Claims Data

Advisor: John P. Bentley, RPh, MBA, PhD
Dissertation (PDF, 5MB)
Dissertation-related Poster (PDF)

Masters Thesis

Consumer Acceptance of Health-Related Technologies:
Incorporating Perceived Health Risk into the Technology Acceptance Model

Advisor: Alicia S. Bouldin, RPh, PhD
Thesis (PDF, 2MB)
Thesis-related Poster (PDF)