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My Research Interests – Explained (Part 1 of n)

My Research Interests – Explained (Part 1 of n) post image

2010 Southern PharmAd Conference

So, What Do You Do Again?

Sometimes I have difficulty in appropriately communicating my research interests and I think that is because they are so varied – everything seems interesting. My Ph.D. is in “Pharmaceutical Sciences” which means nothing to most people. It’s a very broad label that was largely a function of the school consolidating the name of the graduate degrees being granted from 5 or 6 separate programs (e.g., Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Administration, etc…). That last one, Pharmacy Administration, is what my Masters and Ph.D. degrees would have been called had I received them before the change. I’m not sure which is less descriptive of what I actually do: Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmacy Administration. Maybe all researchers have this qualm with some part of their education or maybe it just helps to feed an esoteric conversation we like having with our colleagues. I’m not sure and I don’t suppose that it matters. keep reading…

Becoming Recentered

I’ve found that spending time with certain people revitalizes my general belief that humans are on earth to be social creatures and to make humanity progress – together. Often, I let my belief slip because I effortlessly reach the conclusion that most people simply aren’t worth it. It should be everyone’s personal goal to focus their energy and to pour their entire being into those special people.

It feels nice to become recentered.

Things I Value in a Story

  1. Deep character development
  2. Very few characters with only the amount of characters necessary to maintain the storyline
  3. Extensive 1st person narrative