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My Famous Family Tree

So, it turns out that I may have a few “famous” relatives. A few Christmases ago, I was back home in Meridian, MS around my family and the topic of the family tree came up as it often does around Christmas for some reason. I suppose it is a natural time for the family to talk about the family when we are all together and sharing in the holiday spirit and all of that. When my grandparents started discussing their parents, grandparents, war stories and such, I grabbed a pen and paper and started furiously writing down what I could retain without asking them to slow down or repeat themselves. Something I have learned over the last few years: when an older generation starts talking, you should listen. Once you get through some of the uncomfortable memes of yesteryear, there is usually some good advice buried somewhere in the word soup. As they were talking about our family, I scribbled out a rudimentary tree that captured the names and branches I heard them say. If I could not fit someone nicely in the tree, they became a bush on their own until I knew where to connect them to the big tree. keep reading…