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Elective Course Idea: Patient & Caregiver Empathy


An idea for an elective pharmacy course struck me a few weekends ago when I was working in a retail pharmacy. After hearing one of the pharmacy technicians become unnecessarily rude with a patient, I walked over to the drop off window to help diffuse the situation. It really wasn’t much to speak of, but I could tell the patient was hurt by the way the technician had spoken to her. While I don’t remember exactly what the patient needed, but I do remember that the request made by the patient was simple – an easy fix – but the technician had effectively said, “No, we aren’t allowed to do that.” When I got involved, I discovered that not only we WERE allowed to do “that,” but in other pharmacies that I had worked at in the past, “that” was considered good customer service. This was certainly not the first time I had run across this type of situation, but they are starting to really wear on my soul – particularly since my wife and I had gone through some tough medical circumstances and spent a tremendous amount of money out of pocket on medical care. keep reading…